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We are deeply committed to creating supportive environments for people to express their feelings and explore and share their most important desires and aspirations. Whenever we create we are creating in relationship to others and the world around us. Creating from a place of knowing we are nurtured and supported, impacts what we bring into the world, how we do it and how satisfied we feel with the process.

Karen and Gillian have been exploring creativity as an alive, embodied process in relationship to others for over eight years. We have both experienced profound changes in how we create and move in the world by connecting with others and drawing on the richness of our felt experience.

In this group we plan to use our experiences training in gestalt therapy, yoga, the Feldenkrais method and working with art materials and journalling, to foster supportive connections among women and to explore our embodied creative process.

Our bodies are great sources of wisdom and

inspiration regarding our direction in life, our

senses let us know what we want to move

towards, what we want to bring into being

and how it is to move among others

with intention and hopes for the future.  

Bringing this bodily wisdom together with our

hopes, wishes, dreams and ideas into

relationship with others through full bodied

dialogue, movement and art making creates a potent environment for nourishment, expression, support and growth.  

In January we ran a one off workshop exploring the body and creativity. We are now developing  an ongoing group to offer women the opportunity to create deeper connections. One of our participants shared her experience with Karen after:

It was lovely to spend an afternoon with women, doing creative things and sharing. Both yourself and Gillian hold space very well. I am familiar with the modalities that were in the workshop - feldenkrais, yoga, somatic, mandala making and journalling - and I really really enjoyed the way you both put them together and richened (is that a word?!) the therapeutic effect. Thank  you


The structure and content of the women's group will evolve over time in response to themes and wants of members; drawing on a mix of creative activity, movement, sharing and other exercises to facilitate peer support and individual growth. 


Members will be asked to commit to one full year of sessions to support the creation of a cohesive group, there will be no drop in arrangements.

If you would like to note our interest please contact Gillian or Karen.